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12 x 100ml Amber Glass Bottle with Fine Mist Spray - Postage Included

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12 x 100ml Amber Glass Bottle with Fine Mist Spray - Aromatherapy Spritzer

The spray produces a beautiful fine mist. Suitable for water based mixes. This is not suitable for spraying oil such as olive oil.

Mix your favourite essential oil to create a facial mist, room or office spray.

Fill with Floral water for a cheap natural Facial Toner. Good Rose water (best for dry dehydrated skins) can be found at many Mediterranean supermarkets. Orange water can also be found in supermarkets. Use this on oily skin. I suggest diluting these with some distilled water to start with.

  • Capacity: 100ml
  • Material: Glass
  • Colour: Amber
  • Neck Finish: 18mm
  • Height: 112mm (without lid)
  • Diameter: 44.5mm
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