200ml Amber Brown Glass Syrup Bottles

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200ml Amber Glass Syrup Bottles

Choose your lid type. Trigger spray, lotion pump, poly cone lid, Aluminium lid,

The 200ml Syrup bottle is a good medium size that will fit in small spaces or can sit on your benchtop without looking out of place. Used to store liquids and creams. Freezer safe used with poly cone lid.

    Lotion Pumps - Can be pushed to lock position. Can Handle creams with ease. Great for Shampoo & conditioner. Kitchen dispensing, Soap dispenser Control the amount of lotion with a half or full pump.

    General Purpose Trigger Spray - suitable for many liquid applications. adjust nozzle from steady stream to fine spray.

    Poly Cone Lid - Protect your contents with extra seal of the polycone.

    Silver Aluminium - Wadded for extra seal.

  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Material : Glass
  • Colour: Amber brown
  • Neck Finish: 28mm
  • Height: 134.5mm (without top)
  • Diameter: 57.5mm
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