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36 x 300ml Amber Glass Bottle

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Product Details
36 x 300ml Amber Glass Bottle - leakproof lids, soap dispenser or trigger spray
Perfect, Perfect and Perfect! in every way. Quality, size and style.
Ideal size for any room or purpose. The pump is excellent quality.
Safe to use with food. See notes in blue below regarding quality
  • Capacity: 300ml
  • Material: Glass Colour Amber
  • Neck Finish: 28mm
  • Height: 151.3mm
  • Diameter: 65.6mm
  • Cap: silver aluminium wadded, black poly-cone, Lotion Pump dispenser- trigger spray

Glass Quality Notes

The Glass bottles are manufactured by the Materials and Articles in Contact with Food Regulations 2005 and conform to both European and US Pharmacopoeia type III standards for hydrolytic resistance.
ULTRA-VIOLET LIGHT PROTECTION – these bottles afford protection to the contents from attack by ultra-violet light below a wavelength of approximately 450 Nanometers. This meets the requirements for light transmission in the US and European Pharmacopoeia and the British Standard BS1679 - Containers for Pharmaceutical Dispensing.
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