51mm Black ABS Wadded Lid for 60ml Jar - LIDS ONLY

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Black Wadded Lid for 60ml Jar - LIDS ONLY

Neck Finish: 51mm R3 Screw

Material Information
ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) ABS is easily recyclable. It’s a great choice for candle jars and cosmetics, oils, creams etc. These lids have glossier finish than the Bakelite. ABS is commonly used today as a good middle ground option for a large number of applications such lids for Jars, computer keys, Lego toys, power tool housing and 3d Printing. All ABS lids are sold with foam wadding.
Foam Liner - polypropylene lining has excellent sealing properties. They offer good chemical resistance including cosmetics, household oils, acids, alcohols, alkalis, aqueous products, and solvents.
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