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Lotion / Cream Pump - Superior Quality (24/410)

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Product Details

Lotion Pumps

    Excellent Lotion Pumps. Can be pushed to lock position. Can Handle heavy creams with ease.

    Great for Shampoo & conditioner. Kitchen dispensing, Soap dispenser

    Control the amount of lotion with a half or full pump.

    Instructions - How to best attach pump- Place the lotion pump on the bottle and screw cap down very tightly. The Nozzle will easily twist open when the cap is on tight. You do not need to push down first. If the middle section rotates when trying to unscrew nozzle, tighten cap further.

Neck Finish: 24mm

Length: 410

Suitable for all 24ml Neck bottles. Extra Long Tubing can be trimmed to fit any 24mm neck bottles.

Testing on your own bottles is highly recommended before purchasing large quantities

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