30ml Amber Glass squat Jar with black Aluminium Lid

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30ml Amber Glass SQUAT Jar with Wadded Matte Black Aluminium Lid

empty amber container in 30ml Amber Glass squat Jar. Our matte black Aluminium Wadded Lids are made in Europe to very high standards. These are the lids for you if you want an upmarket luxury or vintage look. Best empty containers for cosmetics, creams, clay masks, lip balms, herbal ointments, tea light candles sample jars. The Lids are wadded to help prevent leakage and five an airtight seal. Excellent Travel size.

Also available with Silver Aluminium lid and black plastic lids

  • Capacity: 30ml
  • Material: Glass
  • Colour: Amber
  • Neck Finish: 48mm
  • Height: 37mm
  • Diameter: 51mm
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