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NQR - 10ml Amber glass Roller ball Bottle Stainless Steel ball

Note that the lids do not fit well on these bottles - Rollers work perfectly
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NQR - NOT QUITE RIGHT. - These roller bottles function perfectly well. The NQR is the the fit of the lid. In some bottles it will be extremely difficult to screw the cap on completely, however in most bottles it will just be a little difficult. There is no guarantee which one you will receive. You can also file the inside if you want to make it work. Overall the roller mechanism are perfect on these clearance product. NO Returns. Please leave a comment in order if you do not require the lids anyway.

Perfect for Aromatherapy Blends, Perfumes, Lip Gloss, Medicinal oils, insect repellant etc. Stainless Steel ball and double layered lids ensures a longer lasting Roller Bottle. Comes in 3 pieces (bottle, roller & lid)

Capacity - 10ml

Colour - Amber

Roller mechanism - Stainless Steel

Lid Colour: Black with Silver Stripe.

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